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Perfect Guide To Loblaws Online Store

Online Grocery Shopping: From the beginning, our love of food has driven us to find innovative ways to bring customers closer to their favourite foods.

In 1919, the founders of the first Loblaw grocery shops were told that their self-service retail model would never work.

Instead of waiting for the clerk behind the counter to bring in the goods, the shop, where shoppers could browse and select quality products at lower prices, proved very successful.

Over the next decade, 70 new shops opened in Ontario alone. The rest, as they say, is history.

Although tastes have changed, our love of food remains the same. Our shops continue to loblaws delivery the freshest and best products we can find, focusing on local and sustainable sources.

Guide To Loblaws Online Store
Guide To Loblaws Online Shopping

We pride ourselves on caring for our customers, serving them when they need it and offering them a convenient place to stay healthy and well: in-store pharmacies, in-store nutritionists and more.

With Presidents Choice® products and the latest innovations in fresh produce, there’s always something new in your Loblaws shop.

We aim to create that delightful moment with the products you love. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring ingredient for a family meal or a spectacular main course for your next dinner party, Loblaws has everything you need to bring something more to your table.

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Responsibility At Loblaw

As a leader in the Canadian food and pharmacy market, we create positive environmental and social change. Here’s how we’re addressing the issues that matter most to Canadians.

As 2022 draws close, we wanted to look back at some of the year’s biggest stories. This year, we marked some transformations in terms of our bold commitments (spoiler: there were some BIG ones!) and how we talk about ESG and incorporate it into everything we do. 

You may be wondering what ESG means. 

ESG means environmental, social and governance. Investors use a valuation approach to measure a company’s performance in these three areas. It is also called social responsibility, ethical investing or impact investing.  

In the spring, we released our ESG 2021 Report, which replaced our previous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.

While it may seem like we just replaced one acronym with another, ESG better encapsulates Loblaw’s work to help Canadians live well by advancing our two purpose-driven pillars: 1) fighting climate change and 2) promoting social equity.  

 Here Are The Top Five ESG Stories Of 2022

  • Wow, you raised $1.86 million to celebrate the Spring 2022 Feeding Hungry Minds campaign results.
  • Loblaw colleagues raised $1.86 million in-store to support President’s Choice Children’s Charity’s goal of feeding 1 million children annually by 2025.
  • The post also included a video of some children participating in the President’s Choice Children’s Charity’s Power Full KidsTM program. 
  • How Cynthia’s Shop Diverts Food from landfill tells the story of Cynthia Dawson, store manager, and Luke Edgar-Robertson, assistant manager of Zehrs Owen Sound.
  • By partnering with Second Harvest and the Second Harvest food rescue app, Zehrs was able to provide more than 100,000 meals during the pandemic.
  • This story shows how we are committed to reducing food waste in all our operations, with the goal of zero food waste in landfills by the end of the year to feed more families with the help of partners like Second Harvest and Food Banks Canada.  
  • James is helping to reduce plastic waste and shows us how simple solutions can help eliminate it before it’s even created.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart’s central pharmacy supply centres were able to reduce plastic waste by working with external suppliers to exchange bulk pill bottles containing 250 tablets for one containing 2,000, saving the equivalent of 17,000 plastic bottles per year! 
  • Lauren and Kevin recycle old shirts and give them new life as dog beds, home furnishings and padding for insulation. The shirt recycling programme is available at select Real Canadian Superstore locations and will expand in 2023. 
  • The five things you need to know about the ESG report are a convenient way to complete this top five for 2022.
  • As mentioned above, we focus on combating climate change and promoting social equity. To tackle climate change, we are committed to sending zero food waste to landfills by 2030, making our check-marked packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025, and achieving zero carbon by 2040.

Promoting social equity takes many forms, including achieving representation targets for management, executives and the Board, supporting President’s Choice Children’s Charity to feed 1 million children and supporting women’s health through the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug MartTM programme.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read our ESG 2021 Report to learn more about our ongoing commitments.

Loblaw supports young entrepreneurs fighting food waste and food insecurity.

Loblaw’s Eight Ways To Fight Food Waste

On 29 September, the United Nations celebrates International Day Against Food Loss and Waste. In Canada alone, it is estimated that 60 per cent of the food produced – 35.5 million tonnes – is lost and wasted annually.   

Loblaw Companies Ltd. takes the fight against food waste seriously. We know we play an essential role in this environmental, social, moral and economic problem. 

We take this opportunity to raise awareness of the practices and innovations we are working on to reduce food loss and waste to build a more resilient food system.  

Here are eight ways we are tackling food waste:  

  1. Bakery waste: we turn baked goods that are no longer fit for human consumption, expired and damaged into animal feed. Through this project, we diverted over 4.2 million kilograms of baked food waste from grocery shops in Ontario and Nova Scotia to animal feed in 2021.
  2. ZooShare: In 2021, we partnered with ZooShare Biogas Ltd., which combines used cooking oil and food no longer fit for human consumption with animal manure from the Toronto Zoo to produce biogas that generates renewable electricity fed directly into the grid. Thanks to this programme, our shops have diverted 688,000 kg of residual material from disposal. 
  3. Flashfood: Through our partnership with Flashfood, we have fed hundreds of thousands of families across the country more conveniently while reducing our food waste. We allowed our customers to work with us in partnership with Flashfood to reduce food waste, and the impact has been tremendous. Flashfood is now present in over 600 of our shops, and in 2021 alone, we have eliminated over 8.1 million kilograms of potential food waste, saving customers money on groceries. 
  4. Food to Farm: We partnered with Loop Resource Ltd. to send food unfit for human consumption to farms, where it is fed to animals. In 2021, about 100 participating shops nationwide sent 7.9 million kilograms of food to more than 1,000 farms. 
  5. Food banks and food recovery agencies: In a multi-year effort, we have matched hundreds of shops with local food banks and food recovery agencies across Canada. In this way, we reduce perishable food that ends up in landfills and provide healthy meals to people facing food insecurity. In 2021, we donated more than 5.5 million kilograms of food to these partners.  
  6. Zero Landfill: We aim to send zero food to landfill by 2030. 
  7. Second Harvest: In 2020, we committed to investing $1 million in Second Harvest by 2025 to support the national development of the Second Harvest Food Rescue App, which helps make food more accessible to those in need. Since making this commitment, we have contributed $400,000, and to date, 860 of our shops, including Shoppers Drug Mart®, have joined the programme. 
  8. 10x20x30: we encourage our suppliers to halve global food waste by 2030. In 2021, we contacted our supply to promote courage in their participation.  

They are proud of our achievements and know we still have much to do. 

Other Aspects To Consider

They are reducing the environmental impact of our operations. We are improving our approach to waste management, packaging and energy use.

We make a positive difference in our communities. We focus on charities that address child hunger and women’s health and fund research to advance sustainable food solutions.

Women and men sort canned goods in the warehouse.

They make a positive difference in our communities. We focus on charities that address child hunger, prioritise women’s health, and fund research to solve sustainable food challenges.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We build a culture of inclusion for all Canadians. It’s a place where colleagues can be themselves, regardless of race, gender, ability or orientation.

We embrace and respect differences. We denounce acts of discrimination and prejudice. And we support vulnerable people at work and in society.

Philanthropic Impact & Donations

Our philanthropic activities address childhood hunger, nutrition education for children, prioritising women’s health, and community philanthropy. If your organisation has a programme that directly supports people in your community, we may be able to help.


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