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What is Loop? How Does It Work In 2024?

It’s a Reusable/Returnable Packaging Platform. A loop is working with local retailers to launch an exclusive pilot and bring reuse to everyone.

A loop is building a scalable reuse ecosystem that enables brands, retail and restaurant partners to create alternatives to single-use products and packaging, reducing waste and overall environmental impact.

Join us in building a global circular economy and be part of our vision for a waste-free world.

Loblaws has partnered with Loop to offer a circular shopping system where some of your favourite products can now be delivered in durable, returnable packaging, which is collected, cleaned, refilled and reused once emptied.

loop with reusable bottles
Loop With Reusable Bottles

Say Hello To Loop & Goodbye To Plastic Waste

Today, Loop, the global reusable packaging platform, was officially launched in Canada with Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada’s leading grocery shop, as its retail partner.

Initially distributed to residents of most of Ontario, customers can purchase a wide range of food and household products in reusable packaging, such as ice cream, sauces, snacks, pet food and toothpaste from some of the country’s most popular brands, including Loblaw’s President’s Choice.

With this launch, Canada joins the US, UK and France as countries continue to grow the Loop platform worldwide.

During The Preparation Of The Order

The antibacterial gel is available to our order preparers and deliverers and is used during deliveries. We also disinfect used equipment (especially telephones) daily. 

During Delivery

Our driver will keep a distance of 2 metres and drop the package at your door. As proof of delivery, he will take a picture of the package with the door open (you do not need to be present for the photo).

Loop Online Delivery
Loop Online Delivery

If you have isolated yourself, place a signed note on the door indicating where to leave the package. 

Return To

Place the empty containers in the Loop Tote and leave them outside the door. The driver will not need your signature, but if you are going to open the door for him, please keep a distance of 2 metres. As a precaution, our couriers will wait 72 hours before touching the tote and proceeding with the return process.

Where Does The Loop Deliver?

Loop and Loblaws currently deliver to some locations in Ontario. Visit for details.

All products and services on, including product delivery, are provided by Loop, an independent third party separate from Loblaws Inc. and its affiliates (“Loblaws”).

How Is The Reusable Packing Cleaned?

Loop uses industrial cleaning technology to clean each empty container so it is ready for reuse. This technology is similar to that used in the aerospace and medical industries.

So you can be sure that your product containers have gone through an extensive cleaning process before being refilled again.

Contact Us

To become a Loop partner and join a global network of category-leading brands, retail partners and resellers at the forefront of the new circular economy.



To learn more about investment opportunities at Loop, contact us.

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Be part of a passionate and dedicated team working together to revolutionise the way you shop. Don’t just join a company – join a movement.

Work with the world’s leading brands to build the new circular economy. The Loop is headquartered in Trenton, NJ, along with TerraCycle, and has teams in more than six regional offices worldwide.

Customer Service

None of the above? For further questions or requests, please get in touch with our customer support team at

Brand Partners:


Our retail partners – from the largest multinational chains to individual DTC brands – are the cornerstones of the world’s growing access to reusable products.

Loop’s model is category- and channel-independent: from the burger and soft drink packs at the leading fast-food retailer to the prestige shampoo bottle in boutiques.


The Loop works closely with brands to create stable versions of traditional single-use packaging. Through reuse, the packaging is treated as an asset rather than a cost, enabling the use of new materials, features, and consumer experiences. We work closely with many partners around the world, including those below.

Operating partners

Airbnb’s global network of delivery partners is working with Loop to create a framework for a reuse ecosystem. If you’re interested in collaborating on manufacturing or packaging design, co-packing, cleaning innovations, or logistics, contact us to learn more about opportunities to work with Loop suppliers.

Loop Alliance

Launched at the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the Loop Alliance aims to end society’s reliance on disposable products and create a new consumption model that eliminates the concept of waste.

It is part of the World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Future Consumption System initiative, which promotes responsible consumption with clear benefits for consumers, businesses, governments and the environment. Participating partners frequently meet to work on mutually defined goals and provide thought leadership on the circular economy.